Author: Li, H.C.
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THPME039 The Control System for the Purification Station at NSRRC 3597
  • T.F. Lin, S.-H. Chang, W.-S. Chiou, F. Z. Hsiao, C.K. Kuan, H.C. Li, C.P. Liu, H.H. Tsai
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  A cryogenic adsorber was used liquid nitrogen to trap the impurities from gaseous helium in the helium cryogenic system. NSRRC parallel connected five cryogenic adsorbers for the cryogenic system in the year 2011; five additional cryogenic adsorbers will be installed in the year 2013. The original design of liquid nitrogen filling was motored and controlled manually to keep the efficiency of the purifying. The regeneration of the cryogenic adsorber must be performed manually as well by using heater and vacuum pump after saturated of the cryogenic adsorber. NSRRC develop one control system that is allowed the liquid nitrogen filling and regeneration process turns into automatically. This paper is aimed to present the construction of the control system. The installation and test results will be included in this paper as well.  
THPME040 The Installation and Commissioning of the Helium Cryogenic System for theTPS Project 3600
  • H.H. Tsai, S.-H. Chang, W.-S. Chiou, F. Z. Hsiao, C.K. Kuan, H.C. Li, T.F. Lin, C.P. Liu
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  The construction of an electron accelerator with energy 3 GeV is under way for high brilliance and flux X-ray photon source at NSRRC. There will be eventually four superconducting radio frequency (SRF) cavities installed to maintain the electron energy. The helium cryogenic system has been designed and fabricated to provide the required liquid helium for SRF cavities. The cryogenic system consists of the 700-W refrigerator, the 315-kW variant frequency compressor, the oil removal system, the recovery compressor system, the gas helium buffer tanks, and one 7000-L liquid helium Dewar. The overall system installation and commissioning will be presented and discussed in this paper.