Author: Ladefoged, P.
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THPME003 Standard Sextupole Magnets for NSLS-II Synchrotron 3517
  • C.W.O. Ostenfeld, N. Hauge, P. Ladefoged
    Danfysik A/S, Taastrup, Denmark
  Danfysik received the order to design, manufacture and test 169 Standard Sextupole Magnets for the NSLS-2 synchrotron. Extraordinary tight tolerances were specified for the mechanical and magnetic properties. We present a re-optimized magnetic pole profile to make a more mechanically robust design, suitable for large-scale manufacture. Due to a well-controlled wire erosion process during the manufacturing stage, the mechanical tolerances were kept on the 10 micron level, even after assembly/disassembly cycles. A major challenge of the project was to verify the magnetic performance of the magnets. This was done using our in-house harmonic measurement bench. We present magnetic measurements of the magnet series, measured over more than 24 months, which show high stability, both in terms of magnetic roll angle, error field terms, and integrated strength.