Author: Kozak, T.
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WEPME008 Precision LLRF Controls for the S-Band Accelerator REGAE 2938
  • M. Hoffmann, H. Kay, U. Mavrič, H. Schlarb, Ch. Schmidt
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  • W. Jałmużna, T. Kozak, A. Piotrowski
    TUL-DMCS, Łódź, Poland
  The linear accelerator REGAE (Relativistic Electron Gun for Atomic Exploration) at DESY delivers electron bunches with a few femtosecond duration for time-resolved experiments of material structure in pump-probe configuration. To achieve the desired 10 fs resolution, the Low Level RF controls for the normal conducting S-band cavities must provide field stability of 0.01% in amplitude and of 0.01deg in phase. To achieve these demanding stability a recently developed LLRF controller based on the Micro-Telecommunications Computing Architecture (MTCA.4) have been installed and commission. In this paper, we report on measurement performance of the LLRF system, the achieved stability and current limitations.