Author: Kolmogorov, V.V.
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MOPWA025 2Hz Ramping Mode Dipole Power Supply for Testing the NSLSII Booster Dipole Magnets 714
  • A.I. Erokhin, A.V. Bulatov, K. Gorchakov, S.M. Gurov, V.V. Kolmogorov, A.A. Kremnev, D.N. Pureskin, D.V. Senkov, R.V. Vakhrushev
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
  Budker Institute has designed and delivered Booster for NSLSII project including vacuum system, magnet system, diagnostics and power supplies. Dipole power supplies were directly delivered to BNL by sub-contractor (Danfysik, Denmark). To test dipole magnets on factory side, at BINP, it was decided to design and construct a high current ramping mode power supply. The designed power supply can operate with the reactive output power up to 150kVA and output current up to 900A at 2Hz ramping mode. The absolute accuracy achieved is better than 100ppm for the injection and extraction flats and better than 500ppm for the ramps.  
MOPWA028 Power System for Quadrupole Magnets of NSLS-II 3 GeV Booster 723
  • D.V. Senkov, A.I. Erokhin, V.V. Kolmogorov, A.S. Medvedko, S.I. Potapov, D.N. Pureskin
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
  Power system for quadrupole magnets of NSLS-II 3 GeV booster is designed, manufactured and tested in BINP, Russia. The power system consists of 2 parts. The first part is a charging source with a capacitance bank at output. And the second part consists of 3 current sources powered by a capacitance bank. The charging source output voltage is up to 180 V, peak power is 40 kW and average power is 20 kW. Capacitance bank has a 120 kVA storage energy. The second part contains 3 independent current sources with up to 180 A output current each. This report considers the details of current sources design, their parameters and results of inspection test in BINP. Finally, the first results of injection and extraction section commissioning at BNL site are reported.