Author: Kniaziev, R.R.
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TUPEA055 Quasistatic Field Influence on Bunches Focusing by Wakefields in the Plasma-dielectric Waveguide 1256
  • R.R. Kniaziev
    KhNU, Kharkov, Ukraine
  • G.V. Sotnikov
    NSC/KIPT, Kharkov, Ukraine
  Funding: The research is supported in part by Global Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention (GIPP) program, project ANL-T2-247-UA (STCU Agreement P522).
Acceleration of charged particles by wakefields, excited by a drive electron bunch in the dielectric waveguide, is a perspective method in accelerator physics. We have previously proposed using plasma, filling the drift channel of the dielectric structure (DS), for focusing of the accelerated bunch*. The analytical expressions, obtained for the components of the electromagnetic field, considered only the propagating wake field, and did not consider quasi-static fields of electron bunches that are important for calculating bunches dynamics. In this paper we report the result of numerical calculations of the influence of quasistatic field of bunches on focusing by wake fields in the plasma-dielectric accelerator. We refine analytical expressions for the electromagnetic field by adding components of bunch quasi-static fields and show the correlation of total force and their quasi-static components.
* R.R. Knyazev, G.V. Sotnikov. Focusing of accelerated particles by wakefields of a drive bunch in a plasma-dielectric waveguide. Proc. of IPAC2012, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, paper weppp003.pdf