Author: Klaus, A.
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THPEA003 Use of FPGA-based Configurable Electronics to Calibrate Cavities 3152
  • S. Schäfer, A. Klaus, H. Klingbeil, B. Zipfel
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  • U. Hartel, H. Klingbeil
    TEMF, TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany
  At the GSI Helmholzzentrum für Schwerionen-forschung GmbH the accuracy requirements for synchrotron rf cavities have strongly increased in the last years, especially for multi-harmonic operation. For heavy-ion acceleration the amplitude and phase have to be well adjusted over a whole machine cycle. In order to compensate small deviations induced by low-level rf components (LLRF) and transmission lines in the control paths, a calibration electronic (CEL) with a characteristic map was developed. It is a real-time module which is based on modern FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology and adaptable to special cavities with various physical dependencies (e.g. attenuation, dispersion, temperature drift, aging etc.). The hardware and software architecture of this CEL module are presented here.  
THPWO011 Status of the SIS100 Heavy Ion Synchrotron Project at FAIR 3782
  • P.J. Spiller, U. Blell, O. Boine-Frankenheim, L.H.J. Bozyk, E.S. Fischer, E. Floch, F. Hagenbuck, F. Hehenberger, M. Kauschke, O.K. Kester, A. Klaus, H. Klingbeil, H.G. König, P. Kowina, J.P. Meier, P. Moritz, C. Mühle, C. Omet, D. Ondreka, N. Pyka, H. Ramakers, P. Schnizer, J. Stadlmann, K. Sugita, D. Theuerkauf, B. Walasek-Höhne, St. Wilfert
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  SIS100 is a unique superconducting heavy ion synchrotron, optimized for the acceleration of intense beams of intermediate charge state heavy ions. The operation with such beams has required new synchrotron design features and new technical concepts aiming for minimized ionization beam loss and vacuum dynamics. SIS100 is a superconducting synchrotron because of the required vacuum conditions and pumping power to achieve stable XHV conditions at high intensity operation. The project and procurement status will be presented.