Author: Kemppinen, J.
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WEPME045 Development and Validation of a Multipoint Based Laser Alignment System for CLIC 3028
  • G. Stern, J. Kemppinen, F. Lackner, H. Mainaud Durand, D. Piedigrossi, J. Sandomierski, M. Sosin
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • A. Geiger, S. Guillaume
    ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
  Alignment is one of the major challenges within CLIC study, since all accelerator components have to be aligned with accuracy up to 10 μm over sliding windows of 200 m. So far, the straight line reference concept has been based on stretched wires coupled with Wire Positioning Sensors. This concept should be validated through inter-comparison with an alternative solution. This paper proposes an alternative concept where laser beam acts as straight line reference and optical shutters coupled with cameras visualise the beam. The principle was first validated by a series of tests using low-cost components. Yet, in order to further decrease measurement uncertainty in this validation step, a high-precision automatised micrometric table and reference targets have been added to the setup. The paper presents the results obtained with this new equipment, in terms of measurement precision. In addition, the paper gives an overview of first tests done at long distance (up to 53 m), having emphasis on beam divergence.