Author: Käfer, D.
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THPFI008 Experience and Benefits from PLM-based Parts Management at European XFEL 3306
  • L. Hagge, J.A. Dammann, S. Eucker, A. Frank, J. Kreutzkamp, D. Käfer, D. Szepielak, N. Welle
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  DESY has developed a parts management solution, which is used in the series fabrication of accelerator components for the European XFEL. The parts management solution stores assembly instructions and drawings for each component, and it tracks the assembly progress of each individual component. It offers procedures for quality inspections, for handling non-conformities and for managing changes, and it tracks the current whereabouts and the entire history of each part. The solution is based on DESY's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System and integrates several laboratories and suppliers. The poster shows how parts management is used at the European XFEL in the production of the super-conducting rf cavities, in the assembly of the cryomodules and in the assembly of the undulators, and discusses experience and benefits.