Author: Joray, S.
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THPFI065 Thermo-mechanical Investigations of the SINQ "Cannelloni" Target 3445
  • R. Sobbia, S. Dementjevs, S. Joray, M. Wohlmuther
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  Numerical results of three-dimensional ANSYS thermo-mechanical simulations of single components of the SINQ target system are presented. Thermal stresses are generated by energy deposition in so-called ‘‘cannelloni'' consisting of a Zircaloy-2 rod filled with Lead to 90% of its inner volume. The molten region of the inner Lead filling is calculated by thermal analysis using the energy deposition profile imported from MCNPX calculations. Induced mechanical stresses are studied for a set of predefined parameters, the heat transfer coefficient and the bulk temperature of the heavy water cooling system. Critical stress regions are investigated to provide possible failure scenarios and overall system performance.