Author: Jin, Q.X.
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THPWA018 High Power Test of a C-band 6 MeV Standing-wave Linear Accelerator 3666
  • J.H. Shao, H.B. Chen, Y.-C. Du, Q.X. Jin, J. Shi, H. Zha
    TUB, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  A C-band 6MeV standing-wave bi-periodic on-axis coupled linear accelerator has been developed at the accelerator laboratory of Tsinghua University [1,2]. In the recent high power RF test, the capture ratio, the energy spectrum, the spot size and the dose rate of this accelerator have been measured. With a 2.07-MW input power, the peak current is 130mA and the output spot root-mean-square diameter is about 0.8mm. The output kinetic energy is 6.0MeV with a spectrum FWHM of 7.5%. In this paper, the setup and detailed results of the high power RF test are presented.