Author: Jiang, P.
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WEPEA030 Simulation of Beam Capture Process in HIRFL-CSRm 2564
  • P. Li, P. Jiang, J.W. Xia, J.C. Yang, Y.J. Yuan
    IMP, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  In this paper, the beam capture processes are simulated in CSRm with the real RF cavity curves. By now, CSRm can accelerate all ions from protons up to the heaviest element, uranium, with variable energies and different efficiency. During the beam capture processes, the capture voltage and capture time must be cheese properly to avoid the beam loss. Moreover, the mismatch between the actual and the setting beam energy and space charge effect are investigated for high beam capture efficiency. The evolution of longitudinal phase space during the capture processes is presented in this simulation too.  
THPWO056 A 5.3 MeV/U, 200MHz APF DTL for Carbon Ions as an Injector of Medical Synchrotron 3890
  • P. Jiang, Y.J. Yuan
    IMP, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  A new low energy medium frequency DTL for 12C5+ with alternative phase focusing method (APF), which has advantage in compact space and low cost, was designed as an injector of medical synchrotron. There is no conventional focusing elements in the APF DTL, and transversal focusing is realized using RF field by varying synchronous phase instead. The envelopes of beam size are presented and the emittance change of six-dimension phase space is shown. The simple method proposed by Y. Iwata was used to create synchronous phase array. Since the motion between transversal and longitudinal plains are coupled, the longitudinal acceptance of the DTL is not large.