Author: Jia, W.
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MOPWA022 A 500 kV Pulser with Fast Risetime for EMP Simulation 708
  • W. Jia, W.Q. Chen, J.N. Li, J.P. Tang, L.S. Xie, Y.Z. Xie, G.W. Zhang
    NINT, Xi'an, People's Republic of China
  A fast risetime generator with 500kV rated output voltage for the electromagnetic pulse ( EMP ) effects experiment is fabricated. It mainly consists of a low inductance Marx ge nerator, a compact independent-sealed peaking capacitor, an output switch, and a small quantity of gas-sealed insulated containers. Compared with other similar pulsers mentioned in IEC 61000-4-32, the insulated containers of the generator are independent of each other in gas-sealed structure, and its number is les s than that of other pulsers. It can be used to drive a guided wave antenna directly to produce an electromagnetic environment, which conformed with the new standard for high-altitude nuclear explosion electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) developed by IEC. Output voltage produced by the generator in demo-load state can reach to 600kV. And, risetime of the waveform is 1.2ns, pulse width (FWHM) being 32ns. When the generator driving a 10m guided-wave antenna, an output voltage with a risetime of no more than 2.7ns and a FWHM of 30ns is achieved.  
MOPWA023 A Low Jitter Pulse Generator Based on Two-stage Storage Module 711
  • J.N. Li, W.Q. Chen, F. Guo, W. Jia
    NINT, Xi'an, People's Republic of China
  A scheme for a low jitter pulse generator based on two-stage storage module is described. The thyristor is used for the first stage of the generator, the UV-illumination gas switch is used for the second stage of the generator. Between them, the pulsed transformer is used for connecting. A capacitance-resistance coupling structure was designed to produce UV light which triggered the switch to decrease the breakdown jitter. The test result shows, the risetime of the current is 0.73μs, the peak value of the current is 1.8kA on 1.1Ω load. The delay of the generator is 35.1μs, and the jitter of the generator attaches to 0.22μs.