Author: Hutton, R.
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MOPFI066 An Ultra-Low Energy Electron Beam Ion Trap in Shanghai 434
  • J. Xiao, R. Hutton, X. Jin, D. Lu, B. Tu, Y. Yang, R. Zhao, Y. Zou
    Fudan University, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  Electron beam ion traps (EBITs) are very useful tools for disentanglement studies of atomic processes in plasmas. In this paper, a new ultra-low energy EBIT, SH-HtscEBIT, is reported. This EBIT can operate in the electron energy range of 30–4000 eV, with a current density of up to 100 A/cm2. The low energy limit of this machine is 30 eV, which is the lowest energy among the EBITs around the world. The maximum magnetic field in the central drift tube region of this EBIT is around 0.25 T, produced by a pair of high temperature superconductor coils. This EBIT is set up for the purpose of disentangling spectroscopic studies of edge plasmas relevant to magnetic fusion devices, and of astro-plasmas. All the elements for the spectroscopic studies can be injected through an injection system. Both the design and the performance of this EBIT are presented.