Author: Huening, M.     [Hüning, M.]
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MOPFI011 Construction and First Tests of the New Injection System for the Linac II at DESY 303
  • C. Liebig, M. Hüning, M. Schmitz
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  For the Linac II, which supplies the accelerator chain at DESY with electrons and positrons, a new injection system is planned. It is supposed to ensure reliable operation and to avoid the beam loss of about 60% at energies up to 400 MeV and the associated activation. The function of the injector components, the entire injection system and the acceleration in the linac sections were optimized in simulations. The main components are a 6 A/100 kV triode gun, buncher and a dispersive section for energy collimation. The output energy is 5 MeV and the beam pulse length can be chosen from 5 ns to 50 ns. The new buncher structure is a hybrid of a standing wave and traveling wave structure and allows a compact design and good electron capture. One of two assembled structures has been tuned and completed a test rig in the linac tunnel. In this test system detailed analysis of its properties is in progress as well as minor corrections like alignment and improvements of reliability. The final installation is going to take place from September 2013. First experimental analysis compared to simulation results will be presented.  
WEZB101 Status of the European XFEL 2058
  • M. Hüning
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  The European XFEL is one of the world's largest accelerators presently under construction. The facility includes a 17.5 GeV superconducting linac with more than 3 km of electron beam transport lines and up to 5 FEL undulators. In mid-2013 the underground civil construction will finish. With most of the large scale production in full swing and first accelerator components installed, this talk should present the XFEL facility status and plans for accelerator commissioning including prospects for first XFEL experiments in Hamburg.  
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