Author: Huang, S.
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MOPEA038 Coherent Wiggler Radiation of Picosecond CW Electron Beam Produced by DC-SRF Photoinjector 160
  • S. Huang, J.E. Chen, S. Chen, K.X. Liu, S.W. Quan, Zh.W. Wang, X.D. Wen, F. Zhu
    PKU, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  The DC-SRF photoinjector at Peking University is capable of providing CW electron beam with the energy of 3-5 MeV. The beam has high repetition rate, picosecond bunch length and high quality, which can be used to produce high repetition rate THz wave by wiggler radiation. Through off-crest acceleration, electron beam from the injector may be bunched, which will lead to coherent enhancement of the radiation power. With current setup of the DC-SRF injector and a 10-period wiggler, THz radiation power of 10s mW to a few watts can be achieved within the wavelength range of 200 μm to 500 μm. In this work, we will present the calculation results about THz radiation produced by the electron beam from DC-SRF photoinjector. The preparation for the experiments will be also described.  
TUPWA021 Multi-Pass, Multi-Bunch Beam Breakup of ERLs with 9-cell Tesla Cavities 1769
  • S. Chen, J.E. Chen, L.W. Feng, S. Huang, Y.M. Li, K.X. Liu, S.W. Quan, F. Zhu
    PKU, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  Funding: Supported by the Major State Basic Research Development Program of China under Grant No. 2011CB808303 and No. 2011CB808304
In this paper, multi-pass, multi-bunch beam break-up of some small-scale Energy Recovery Linac(ERL) configuration using 9-cell Tesla cavity is discussed. The threshold currents of different cases are investigated and some factors that influence the threshold currents are discussed.