Author: Huang, J.M.
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THPWA021 Studies of Density Distribution and Emittance Measurement for High Current Electronic Beam 3672
  • Q.C. Li, Z.-F. He, J.M. Huang, D.M. Li, Y.-T. Zhang, X.K. Zhu
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  Beam density distribution and emittance are the important parameters of an accelerator. The accurate emittance measurement has an important reference significance for the design of accelerating tube, and provides a design basis for the aperture size of accelerating tube. This paper introduces a beam measurement method which uses multiwire, can rotate in the horizontal plane and adjust in the Z coordinate. The results of simulation show that this method can accurately measure the beam density distribution and emittance, and the accuracy can meet the requirements of applied accelerator.