Author: Hua, W.Q.
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WEPWA030 Using the Power Spectral Density Method to Characterize and Evaluate the X-ray Mirrors Surfaces 2196
  • W.Q. Hua, F.G. Bian, Y.M. He, W.H. Lin, L. Song, J. Wang, N. Zhao
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  Rapid progress in synchrotron X-ray beams’ coherence and X-ray optics performance places a high demand on characterization and evaluation of optical surface figure and slope errors and roughness on meter-long optics over spatial frequencies as short as 0.1mm. In this paper, the propagation model of hard X-ray beams through reflecting mirror surface is proposed based on wave-front propagation, and numerical simulations are performed for predicting the hard X-ray focusing performance of different imperfect mirrors using a Fresnel diffraction calculation. The imperfect mirror surface height maps synthesized from power spectral functions are used to analyze and evaluate the influences of different mirror surface errors on the reflected hard X-ray beam properties.