Author: Hostettler, M.
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TUPFI028 Beam Losses Through the LHC Operational Cycle in 2012 1400
  • G. Papotti, A.A. Gorzawski, M. Hostettler, R. Schmidt
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  We review the losses through the nominal LHC cycle for physics operation in 2012. The loss patterns are studied and categorized according to timescale, distribution, time in the cycle, which bunches are affected, whether coherent or incoherent. Possible causes and correlations are identified, e.g. to machine parameters or instability signatures. A comparison with losses in the previous years of operation is also shown.  
TUPFI029 Luminosity Lifetime at the LHC in 2012 Proton Physics Operation 1403
  • M. Hostettler, G. Papotti
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  In 2012, the LHC was operated at 4 TeV flat top energy with beam parameters that allowed exceeding a peak instantaneous luminosity of 7500 (ub*s)-1 and a total of 23 fb-1 integrated luminosity in the ATLAS and CMS experiments. This paper elaborates on the evolution of the LHC luminosity and luminosity lifetime during proton physics fills and through the year 2012. Bunch to bunch differences and the impact of different machine settings are highlighted.