Author: He, Y.Z.
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WEPWA028 Measurement and Research on Cryogenic Remanence of Chunks Permanent Magnet for Cryogenic Undulator 2190
  • Y.Z. He
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  The higher-precision cryogenic remanence measurment technology and error for chunks permanent magnet were researched in china firstly (10-300K). Magnetic measurement tooling and magnetic field calculation and measurement method of cryogenic remanence measurement system of chunks permanent magnet for cryogenic undulator were optimized. Cryogenic calibration Hall probe were pasted on surface of domestic chunks permanent magnet(Nd2Fe14B: N52, N50M, etc.) and table magnetic field B of permanent magnet were measured, and after being converted, then cryogenic remanence of domestic chunks permanent magnet were obtained and cryogenic remanence variation of domestic chunks permanent magnet were researched. Cryogenic remanence measurement data were checked by pulse B-H tester and PPMS respectively, the results show that cryogenic remanence data has higher reliability. By this experiment, initial foundation were established for development of SSRF cryogenic undulator and for cryogenic remanence measurement and study of domestic other chunks permanent magnets.