Author: He, pf.He.
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THPFI031 Development of Beam Collimators for the 1.6 GeV Rapid Cycling Synchrotron of CSNS 3364
  • J.B. Yu, pf.He. He, L. Kang, H. Qu, Y.Q. Zou
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  In order to reduce the uncontrolled losses in the localized station, the beam collimation system has been performed for the 1.6GeV synchrotron of CSNS. The CSNS/RCS transverse collimation system is designed to be a two-stage system which consists of one primary collimator and four secondary collimators. Much work about machinery design and manufacture of the collimation system has been done till now. This paper will show the exterior frame of collimation system by considering the physical demands and spatial position. Then the progress which contains design and machining of collimators will also be introduced. Finally some problems which are mainly about the design of secondary collimators will be mentioned.