Author: He, A.
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WEPWA091 Simulation Design of a Low Energy Bunch Compressor with Space Charge Effect 2307
  • A. He, Y. Hidaka, T.V. Shaftan, G.M. Wang, F.J. Willeke, L. Yang, L.-H. Yu
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York, USA
  Funding: Department of Energy, USA
Following the proposal of electron beam slicing method to generate short x-ray pulses in storage ring, we studied the feasibility of the crucial technique required by electron beam slicing, i.e., the generation of very low energy electron beam with very small beam size (30 μm) and very short bunch length (100 fs). Based on one of the BNL RF gun, 5 MeV beam energy and 50 pC bunch charge was assumed in the study. The beam ‘natural’ energy-time negative chirp, due to space charge effect, was used and the bunch length is compressed from from 0.8 ps to ~150 fs with a chicane structure. The system is in the space charge dominated regime. We use the code PARMELA and Generic optimization method for parameters optimization with various strategies to overcome the damaging from the space charge effect. After optimization, the beam transverse size is 50 micron and the bunch length is 150 fs, close to our original specification. In this paper we describe the design and the physical process in the compressor and focus section. The study confirmed the possibility to generate strong focused and compressed very low energy beam in the space charge dominated regime.