Author: Hayashizaki, N.
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MOPFI023 Development of Better Quantum Efficiency and Long Lifetime Iridium Cerium Photocathode for High Charge electron RF Gun 327
  • D. Satoh
    TIT, Tokyo, Japan
  • N. Hayashizaki
    RLNR, Tokyo, Japan
  • M. Yoshida
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  We developed an Ir5Ce photocathode as a high charge electron source for SuperKEKB electron linac. The required electron beam parameters are 5 nC and 10 mm•mrad from the electron gun of the SuperKEKB electron linac. We plan to generate this electron beam using a laser-driven RF gun installed with a photocathode that has a long lifetime and a high-power laser system through more than a year without replacement. Therefore, we focused on the Ir5Ce compound as a new photocathode which has a high melting point (> 2100 K) and a low work function (2.57 eV). The results of measurements showed that the quantum efficiency of Ir5Ce photocathode was 1.0×10-4 treated by the laser cleaning using the 4nd harmonic of Nd:YAG laser or the heater treatment. Furthermore, its photoemission properties could be maintained for a long term even if its photocathode was in the low vacuum conditions ( ~10-6 Pa) since the Ir5Ce compound is far less contaminated than other photocathodes. Finally, We have succeed to generate electron beams of 4.4 nC by the Ir5Ce photocathode installed at the 3-2 sector DAW type RF gun and accelerate it through a linac end in KEK electron linac.