Author: Hamm, M.E.
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WEIB201 Industrial Accelerators 2100
  • R.W. Hamm, M.E. Hamm
    R&M Technical Enterprises, Pleasanton, California, USA
  Particle accelerators, originally developed for basic science research, are increasingly being employed for industrial applications, with the production of these systems itself a worldwide business conducted by more than 70 companies and institutes. Collectively these entities ship more than 1000 systems per year. The industrial applications of these accelerators cover a broad range of business segments from low energy electron beam systems for welding, machining, and product irradiation to high energy cyclotrons and synchrotrons for radioisotope production and synchrotron radiation production. This talk is a review of these business segments and their impact on our lives and the economy. It will also cover new accelerator technology under development that will be used by industry in the future and the predicted growth in the various business segments.  
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