Author: Guo, H.L.
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THPWA022 An 800kV 30mA Line-Frequency Cockcroft-Walton Dc Generator Using Gas Insulated Transformer for Radiation Application 3675
  • Y.H. Liu, H.L. Guo, Z.-F. He, D.M. Li, M.X. Li, W.G. Shi, H.J. Su, S.L. Wang, Y.J. Yang, J.L. Zhang, Y.-T. Zhang
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  The design and construction of a line-frequency 800 kV Cockcroft-Walton DC generator using gas insulated transformers are described, as well as the motive to develop it into radiation application. Several features are underlined, preliminary test results of the prototype presented and some problems encountered discussed.