Author: Guan, F.P.
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THPFI018 The Design and Construction of Stripping Probe System for CYCIAE-100 3333
  • Shizhong. An, F.P. Guan, P.Z. Li, L.P. Wen, H.D. Xie, Z.G. Yin, T.J. Zhang
    CIAE, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  A 100 MeV H compact cyclotron is being constructed in China Institute of Atomic Energy (CYCIAE-100). 75 MeV - 100 MeV proton beams with 200 μA beam intensity will be extracted in dual opposite directions by charge exchange stripping devices. Two stripping probes with carbon foils are inserted radially in the opposite direction from the main magnet pole and the obtained two proton beams after stripping foil are transported into the crossing point in a combination magnet center separately under the fixed main magnetic field. Because of the large energy range of the extracted beam, the stripping probe system is the most critical and complicated device in the dual extraction. In order to save the foil changing time, the structure of the foil changing system in the vacuum is adopted. The foil automatic changing machine is outside the magnetism yoke and 12 pieces foil can be changed in one time. The design and fabrication of the probe system has been finished and it is going to the progress of installation and adjusting. The experimental verification on probe rod driving and foil changing system has been finished in 2010. The whole stripping extraction system will be installed in 2013.