Author: Grewe, J.A.
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TUPWO007 Investigation of the Magnetic Chicane of the New Short-Pulse Facility at the DELTA Storage Ring 1889
  • R. Molo, J.A. Grewe, H. Huck, M. Huck, M. Höner, S. Khan, A. Schick, P. Ungelenk
    DELTA, Dortmund, Germany
  Funding: Supported by DFG, BMBF, and the Federal State NRW.
The new short-pulse facility at DELTA (a 1.5-GeV synchrotron light source) based on coherent harmonic generation (CHG) utilizes an electromagnetic undulator which can be configured as optical klystron (undulator – chicane – undulator). To optimize the CHG signal, the energy modulation of the electrons in the first undulator and the dispersion of the magnetic chicane (i.e. the R56 matrix element) have to be optimized. Since the R56 value of the present chicane is not sufficient, it is planned to rewire the magnetic coils to create a more efficient chicane. Simulations of the present chicane will be compared to measurements of the R56 matrix element and a new chicane configuration will be presented which increases the R56 value by a factor of ten.