Author: Greven, R.
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MOPEA016 The Main Stochastic Cooling System of the HESR 100
  • R. Stassen, R. Greven, R. Maier, G. Schug, H. Stockhorst
    FZJ, Jülich, Germany
  The main stochastic cooling system of the High-Energy Storage Ring HESR (1.5-15 GeV/c) for antiprotons at the FAIR complex (Facility for Antiprotons and Ion Research) in Darmstadt (GSI) will work in the frequency range of 2 - 4 GHz. The design work on pickup and kicker is now finished and the production of the first cooling tank has been started. The whole system layout will be presented taking into account new additional requirements concerning the accumulation and the cooling of heavy ions. All beam-coupling structures are nearly identical and contain several ring-slot blocks. These blocks consist of eight wall-current monitors coupled out by eight electrodes each. Most of the signal combining and splitting take place within the vacuum envelope to reduce the number of vacuum RF feed throughs. The long-distance transmission of the signals and the filters containing long signal delays work with near infrared optical elements.