Author: Gomez, J.     [Gómez, J.]
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MOPWO022 Design and Manufacturing Description of the Prototype Striplines for the Extraction Kicker of the CLIC Damping Rings 930
  • C. Belver-Aguilar, A. Faus-Golfe
    IFIC, Valencia, Spain
  • M.J. Barnes
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • J. Gómez
    Trinos Vacuum Projects, Paterna, Spain
  • D. Gutiérrez Arribas
    Trinos Vacuum Projects, S.L., Paterna - Valencia, Spain
  • F. Toral
    CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain
  The Pre-Damping Rings (PDRs) and Damping Rings (DRs) of CLIC are needed to reduce the beam emittances to the small values required for the main linacs. The injection and extraction, from the PDRs and DRs, are carried out by kicker systems. In order to achieve both low beam coupling impedance and reasonable broadband impedance matching to the electrical circuit, striplines have been chosen for the kicker elements. The design of the stripline kicker was previously carried out by modelling the striplines with simulation codes such as HFSS, Quickfield and CST Particle Studio. In order to have a complete analysis of the striplines, the effect of electrodes supports and coaxial feedthroughs have been studied in detail. In this paper, electromagnetic analyses of the complete striplines, including fabrication tolerances, are reported. Furthermore, a new idea for impedance matching is presented.