Author: Giner Navarro, J.
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TUPME030 Emittance Reconstruction from Measured Beam Sizes 1640
  • J. Giner Navarro, A. Faus-Golfe, J. Fuentes, J. Navarro, J. Resta
    IFIC, Valencia, Spain
  In this paper we analyze the projected emittance (2D) and the intrinsic emittance (4D) reconstruction method by using the beam size measurements at different locations. We have studied analytically the conditions of solvability of the systems of equations involved in this process and we have obtained some rules about the locations of the measurement stations to avoid unphysical results. Presently, simulations are being made to test the robustness of the algorithm in realistic scenarios with high coupling and measurement errors. The special case of a multi-OTR system in ATF2 is being studied in much detail. The results of these studies will be very useful to better determine the location of the emittance measurement stations in the diagnostic sections of Future Linear Colliders.