Author: Gerth, C.
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MOPME012 Single-bunch Longitudinal Phase Space Diagnostics in Multi-bunch Mode at the European XFEL 494
  • M. Yan, C. Gerth
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  Dedicated longitudinal electron beam diagnostics is highly demanded for the control and optimization of modern X-ray free-electron lasers (XFEL). At the European XFEL, 3 transverse deflecting structures (TDS) will be installed at different locations of the accelerator for measurements of slice emittance and longitudinal profile. Operation of a TDS in combined use with an energy spectrometer, e.g. a dispersive section after a single dipole magnet, allows additionally for longitudinal phase space (LPS) measurements. However, utilization of a dipole magnet is not compatible with single-bunch measurements in multi-bunch operation mode, which will be the standard operation mode of the European XFEL. In this paper, we propose a LPS diagnostic beamline consisting of a TDS, fast kicker and septum magnet for the European XFEL. The layout of the accelerator lattice with optimized optics for LPS measurements will be presented.