Author: Garvey, T.
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WEPWA051 Extraction Beam Line for Light Sources 2232
  • M. Aiba, M. Böge, T. Garvey, N. Milas, Á. Saá Hernández, A. Streun
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  Most of measurements, with circulating beam in a ring, to determine transverse and longitudinal phase space volume are rather indirect although it is of importance to characterize these beam parameters for better understanding the machine. Direct measurements may be performed when the beam is extracted to a beam line, where destructive methods are available. However, light sources can tolerate internal beam dumping and thus do not have an extraction line in general. We, therefore, propose a diagnostic dedicated extraction line, motivated by precise determination of the geometrical vertical emittance, which can be a few pm or even less and general comparisons of direct and indirect measurements. Such an extraction beam line has been realized in several accelerator facilities, e.g. KEK-ATF. The idea is, however, to equip a compact beam line, which fits into the existing tunnel and allows us to measure transverse and longitudinal emittances. We present possible design of an extraction beam line assuming typical light source parameters.