Author: Ferreira Somoza, J.A.
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THPEA041 Performance Improvements of the SPS Internal Beam Dump for the HL-LHC Beam 3231
  • F.M. Velotti, O. Aberle, C. Bracco, E. Carlier, P. Chiggiato, J.A. Ferreira Somoza, B. Goddard, M. Meddahi, V. Senaj, J.A. Uythoven
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  The SPS internal beam dump has been designed for beam specifications well below the HL-LHC ones, and for modes of operation which may not be adequate for the HL-LHC era. The present system suffers from several limitations in the allowed intensity and energy range, and its vacuum performance affects nearby high-voltage kicker systems. In this report the limitations of the internal beam dump system are reviewed, and the possible improvements compared. Preliminary upgrade proposals are presented, taking into consideration the expected operational HL-LHC parameters.