Author: Du, Y.-C.
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WEPWA021 X-ray Spectra Reconstruction with HOPG Crystal on TTX 2174
  • Z. Zhang, Y.-C. Du, J.F. Hua, W.-H. Huang, C.-X. Tang, D. Wang, L.X. Yan
    TUB, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  Thomson Scattering sources, as the new generation of bright X-ray sources, have great application potential in many respects. Traditional spectra measurement methods, applied to measured the spectra of Thomson Scattering source, are troublesome as the X-ray beam is too intense to cause pile up problems. In this article, we use the HOPG crystal to reconstruct the X-ray spectra of Tsinghua Thomson X-ray source (TTX) through Braggs law. This method can get reasonable results with single or several shots, with high energy resolution. We also compare the experiment results of this method with the reconstructed spectra by analyzing the attenuation data of the X-ray beam in silicon , and these two results agree well with each other.  
THPWA018 High Power Test of a C-band 6 MeV Standing-wave Linear Accelerator 3666
  • J.H. Shao, H.B. Chen, Y.-C. Du, Q.X. Jin, J. Shi, H. Zha
    TUB, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  A C-band 6MeV standing-wave bi-periodic on-axis coupled linear accelerator has been developed at the accelerator laboratory of Tsinghua University [1,2]. In the recent high power RF test, the capture ratio, the energy spectrum, the spot size and the dose rate of this accelerator have been measured. With a 2.07-MW input power, the peak current is 130mA and the output spot root-mean-square diameter is about 0.8mm. The output kinetic energy is 6.0MeV with a spectrum FWHM of 7.5%. In this paper, the setup and detailed results of the high power RF test are presented.