Author: Draganic, I.N.     [Draganić, I.]
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TUPWA066 Space Charge Neutralization of Low Energy H Beam 1856
  • Y.K. Batygin, I. Draganić, C.M. Fortgang, G. Rouleau
    LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
  LANSCE Ion Source Test Stand is used for systematic study of H source performance and details of low energy beam transport. It includes cesiated, multicusp-field, surface –production H ion source, focusing solenoids, slit-collector emittance stations, 4.5o bending magnet, and electrostatic deflector. Series of experiments were performed to measure space charge neutralization of low energy H beam. Measurements were done for 80 keV and 35 keV H beams at various pressure of residual gas. Results of measurements are compared with results of beam dynamics simulations to determine level of space charge neutralization. Applicability of theoretical models of beam neutralization is discussed.