Author: Dracos, M.
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TUPWO004 Preliminary Design of a 4 MW Proton Beam Switchyard for a Neutrino Super Beam Production Facility 1880
  • E. Bouquerel, M. Dracos, F.R. Osswald
    IPHC, Strasbourg Cedex 2, France
  Funding: European Commission Framework Programme 7 Design Study: EUROnu, Project Number 212372.
The feasibility of the distribution of 4 MW proton beam power onto a 4-targets horn system for neutrino super-beams production is discussed. A preliminary solution using a pair of bipolar kickers to route the beam onto the targets at a repetition rate of 50 Hz (12.5 Hz per beam line) is proposed. Compensating dipoles would apply symmetry in the system. Magnetic fields induced by these optical elements would not exceed 0.96 T. Studies of the beam envelopes with the code TRANSPORT suggest the use of three quadrupoles per beam line located after the dipoles to focus the 4 mm σ beam onto each target. The length of this switchyard system is estimated to be 29.9 m and 3 m radius.