Author: Dolinska, M.
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MOPWO061 Numerical Approaches for Simulation of Stochastic Cooling in 2D Phase Space 1028
  • M. Dolinska
    NASU/INR, Kiev, Ukraine
  • C. Dimopoulou, A. Dolinskyy, F. Nolden
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  A consolidated fluid-dynamics algorithm for the analysis of beam dynamics under the influence of the electromagnetic field is presented. Aiming at simulating stochastic cooling of particle beams in 2D space, two numerical algorithms solving the 2D Fokker-Planck Equation are described. As an alternative approach, a numerical method based on the macro-particle tracking turn in turn in the ring (i.e. in the time domain) is introduced. Some results of the simulation of the stochastic cooling in the Collector Ring by both methods are discussed.