Author: Deng, R.B.
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WEPWA026 Mechanical Design of Shift Driving System for DEPU at SSRF 2187
  • R.B. Deng, W.L. Chen, H.W. Du, Z.B. Yan, M. Zhang
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  Double elliptically polarized undulator (DEPU) for a soft X-ray beamline for ARPES and PEEM is being built at SSRF. In DEPU, two EPUs with different period lengths have the roughly same magnet array lengths and share a common H style frame. The shift driving systems for polarization adjustment, which are set on top of the backing beams for the constraint of space, are sophisticated designed to assure position stability under longitudinal magnet force change. Finite-element analyses are also performed to guarantee the rigidity of the systems. The system performance is tested under full operation range and the results are described in this paper.