Author: De Jonghe, J.
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THPWA035 Intervention Management from Operation to Shutdown 3705
  • C. Garino, B. Daudin, J. De Jonghe, A. Dorsival, F. B. Dos Santos Pedrosa, G. Dumont, K. Foraz, E.R.F. Reguero Fuentes
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  The Intervention Management Planning and Coordination Tool (IMPACT) is now widely used in all the accelerator complex and beyond. This unique repository improves the availability of the intervention information for all facilities, and enhances its traceability. It supports a standardized approval workflow and direct link to the access system for improved control and productivity. IMPACT currently has 1418 active users who have defined 6880 intervention requests in 2012 so far. In 2013, the CERN Accelerator complex will enter a shutdown mode after a long period of operation. Careful preparation and scheduling of activities is paramount in order to keep the shutdown as short as possible, whilst guaranteeing safety. During execution, strict control of access will be enforced considering the radiation levels. This paper will summarize the main improvements to IMPACT in this context: work dose planning with respect to ALARA principles including integration with the operational dosimetry system and automatic generation of safety documents from intervention data.