Author: Clasby, B.
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WEPWO066 Frequency Control in the Cornell-ERL Main-Linac Cavity Production 2453
  • V.D. Shemelin, B. Bullock, P.R. Carriere, B. Clasby, R. Eichhorn, B. Elmore, J.J. Kaufman, J. Sears
    CLASSE, Ithaca, New York, USA
  Funding: NSF award DMR-0807731
Cavity fabrication can be broken down into three main stages: deep-drawing cups, welding the cups in pairs to obtain “dumbbells” and end groups, and, finally, welding the obtained components into a completed cavity. Frequency measurements and precise machining were implemented after the second stage. A custom RF fixture and data acquisition system were used for this purpose. The system comprised of a mechanical press with RF contacts, a network analyzer, a load cell and custom LabVIEW and MATLAB scripts. To extract the individual frequencies of the cups from these measurements, algorithm of calculations was developed. Corrections for the ambient environment were also incorporated into the measurement protocol. Two 7-cell 1.3 GHz cavities were produced with high field flatness immediately after fabrication.