Author: Cheng, C.M.
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THPFI077 Construction Status of the TPS Vacuum Systems 3472
  • G.-Y. Hsiung, C.K. Chan, C.H. Chang, C.-C. Chang, S.W. Chang, Y.P. Chang, C.L. Chen, J.-R. Chen, Z.W. Chen, C.M. Cheng, Y.T. Cheng, S-N. Hsu, H.P. Hsueh, C.S. Huang, Y.T. Huang, T.Y. Lee, L.H. Wu, Y.C. Yang
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • J.-R. Chen
    National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  The vacuum systems for the 3 GeV Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) have been constructed since 2010. Most of the vacuum components and equipments have been manufactured and delivered. For the electron storage ring (SR), all the 24 cells of 14 m aluminum vacuum systems have been welded and assembled. The vacuum baking for the cells in the laboratory was undergoing to achieve the ultrahigh vacuum pressure below 1×10-8 Pa. The vacuum systems accommodated with the insertion devices in the long straight sections have been designed and under manufacturing. For the booster (BR), all the stainless steel chambers including the 0.7 mm elliptical chambers, BPM ducts, and the pumping chambers, have been manufactured. The two transport lines: LTB for Linac to BR and BTS for BR to SR were manufactured. Vacuum chambers for BTS adopt the similar chambers for BR but will be baked to ultrahigh vacuum for connecting with SR without injection window. The beam ducts for LTB will be made of aluminum alloys. The construction works for TPS vacuum systems will be completed before April of 2013 while the installation of the systems in the TPS tunnel will be started immediately.