Author: Cheng, C.
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MOPME039 A New Method of Acquiring Fast Beam Transversal Profile in the Storage Ring 556
  • C. Cheng, P. Lu, B.G. Sun, K. Tang, F.F. Wu, Y.Y. Xiao, Y.L. Yang, Z.R. Zhou, J.Y. Zou
    USTC/NSRL, Hefei, Anhui, People's Republic of China
  A new method of acquiring fast beam transverse profile has been developed and will be used in HLS II. This method is based on four signals from MAPMT (multi-anode photo-multiplier tube) and logarithm processing technique. First, the calculation formula of beam transversal size and position are deduced using above method. Then, the main performances (e.g. sensitivity and linearity range) are analyzed. According to stimulation result, regardless of cross-talk and inconsistency between channels, the size signal has a linear relation with size s when s=0.8-2mm and position d=±2mm, the position signal has a linear relation with position d and the linear range exceeds ±2mm when s=0.8-2mm. With channel cross-talk and channel inconsistency being considered, the stimulation results also are given. Finally, a fast beam transverse profile monitor is designed and provides turn-by-turn measurement of the beam transverse profile.  
MOPME041 Design and Calculation of the Stripline Beam Position Monitor for HLS II Storage Ring 562
  • F.F. Wu, C. Cheng, W.B. Li, P. Lu, T.J. Ma, B.G. Sun, H. Xu, Y.L. Yang, Z.R. Zhou
    USTC/NSRL, Hefei, Anhui, People's Republic of China
  Funding: Supported by the National Science Foundation of China (10875117, 11005105, 11175173)
According to the requirements of HLS II upgraded, in order to acquire the non-intercepting measurement of beam position and quadrupole component, a new stripline beam position monitor (BPM) was designed for storage ring. The BPM parameters were optimized to acquire impedence matching with characteristic impedance of the external transmission lines and the coupling coefficients between the electrodes were calculated. According to the difference/sum and log-ratio methods, the horizontal and vertical sensitivities, mapping figures and fitting polynomials wered acquired. The results showed that sensitivities using log-ratio method were bigger than those using difference/sum method. The sum signal was also simulated when beam displacement varied from (0 mm, 0 mm) to (5 mm, 5 mm), the result showed that the variation of normalized sum signal was no more than ±6%. The gaussian weighted method of a two-dimensional grid structure was used to simulate the gaussian bunch and simulate the beam transverse quadrupole component changing with position (x, y), the result showed that the beam transverse quadrupole component changed linearly with position combination (x2-y2).