Author: Chen, M.
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WEPWO054 Multistep Mechanical Analyses of Centrifugal Barrel Polishing Barrel and Cavity 2426
  • M. Chen, C.A. Cooper, L. Ristori
    Fermilab, Batavia, USA
  Funding: US Department of Energy
Fermilab has successfully demonstrated the ability to improve the performance of damaged 1.3 GHz single cell and 9-cell Tesla–type cavities by using a modified centrifugal barrel polishing (CBP) process that leaves a mirror finish on the inside of the cavity. Fermilab now is developing and constructing a new CBP machine which can handle both 650 MHz and 1.3 GHz cavities. The new machine will have a larger moment arm and therefore impart more force on the cavity and machine. Because of these increased forces the effects on cavity supports and machine design were examined. This paper will document the multistep mechanical analyses for the CBP barrel and cavity, calculations of the fatigue life and the requirements for the structural welds.