Author: Chen, C.S.
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MOPWA042 The Leakage Current Induced by Stray Capacitance in the Pulse Magnet System 762
  • C.S. Chen, C.K. Chan, K.H. Hsu, Y.-H. Liu, C.S. Yang
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  A huge amount of current must be provided during the nominal operation of the pulse magnet system in TPS (Taiwan Photon Source). It comes with all kinds of electromagnetic noises, including radiated and conducted EMI (electromagnetic interferences). The primary object of this article is to clarify the paths of induced EMI, especially by means of capacitance induction. Furthermore, some geometrical suggestions which had been tested are listed in this paper as the guidelines of the pulse magnet design. According to the measurement, proper distance and surface area lead to sufficient insulation and reduce the leakage current under the expected value.  
MOPWA043 The HV Withstands Test for In Vacuum Booster Kicker 765
  • Y.-H. Liu, C.K. Chan, C.S. Chen, H.H. Chen, J.-R. Chen, K.H. Hsu, H.P. Hsueh, Y.T. Huang, C.S. Yang
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  The maximum driving voltage of TPS booster extraction kicker is close to 30 kV, the HV insulation should be carefully noticed. A DC withstand voltage tester MUSASHI 3802 (Model: IP-701G) is used to test the DC breakdown voltage, which the maximum driving voltage is 37 kV. The 10 mm gap between coil and ferrite is designed in order to increase HV break down voltage. The safety breakdown distance between HV coil and grounding plate was tested in air. Different insulation material with different thickness was tested the breakdown voltage. Thicker than 10 mm ceramic plate could effectively avoid the breakdown occurred with 37 kV DC charging. Thus HV withstand voltage will be higher in vacuum chamber and the insulation with HV will not be the problem.  
THPEA048 The FPGA-based Power Monitoring System for TPS Facility 3252
  • C.S. Chen, Z.-D. Tsai
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  There are more and more non-linear electronic equipments such as inverters using in facility nowadays. These non-linear electronic equipments let us achieve energy saving, but induce other electrical pollution to the whole power grid in contrast. How to monitor the electrical noises from these non-linear equipments becomes an important issue. In this article, a set of power quality monitoring system based on FPGA and PAC has been built because of the programmability and fast processing speed. By using this monitoring system, any abnormality in power system and its spectrum will be recorded thoroughly. On the other hand, the maintainer could follow the trace of noise and then propose a suitable solution to eliminate the electrical interference too.  
THPFI070 Event Based System to Manage the Maintenance of Taiwan Photon Source 3460
  • C.W. Hsu, C.S. Chen, C.Y. Liu, Z.-D. Tsai
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  This paper presents a model of event based maintenance management system to provide commission condition of utility facility. The system adopts cloud servers with structured query language (SQL) database to deal with all utility facility information. The system collects all event condition, including scheduled maintenance, troubleshooting, alert information and equipment specifications. The user can easily access all the facility information in mobile devices by scanning the quick response (QR) tag. The system can increase system reliability, decrease maintenance cost, minimize not programmed shutdowns and enhance system performance. Besides, the system can also provide enough information to schedule maintenance order by user or preventive and optimize energy usage.