Author: Chao, C.
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TUPEA019 Proton Acceleration driven by High Energy Density Electrons 1202
  • S. Zhao, C. Chao, J.E. Chen, H.Z. Fu, Y.X. Geng, C. Lin, B. Liu, H. Wang, X.Q. Yan
    PKU, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  Resonance Electrons Driving Ion Acceleration S. Zhao, C. Lin, X. Q. Yan Institute of Heavy Ion Physics, Peking University Proton acceleration driven by resonance electrons is proposed. Energetic electron beam generated through direct laser acceleration in the near critical dense plasma is dense and directional. When interacting with a thin foil target, resonance electrons can transmit the target and drive periodical electrostatic field at the back surface, therefore protons are more efficiently accelerated in a much longer distance in propagation direction of resonance electrons, compared to the classical target normal sheath acceleration. For a Gaussian laser pulse with pulse duration of 80fs, peak intensity I=1.38*108W/cm2 , the cutoff energy of the output collimated proton beam is 14MeV, enhanced by a factor of 3 or 4. The scaling law predicts hundreds MeV Proton beam can be generated in laser intensity of 1020W/cm2.