Author: Castilla, A.
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WEPWO080 Compact Superconducting RF-dipole Cavity Designs for Deflecting and Crabbing Applications 2483
  • S.U. De Silva, A. Castilla, J.R. Delayen
    ODU, Norfolk, Virginia, USA
  • A. Castilla
    DCI-UG, León, Mexico
  Over the years the superconducting parallel-bar design has evolved into an rf-dipole cavity with improved properties. The new rf-dipole design is considered for number of deflecting and crabbing applications. Some of those applications are the 499 MHz rf separator system for the Jefferson Lab 12 GeV upgrade, 400 MHz crabbing cavity system for the proposed LHC high luminosity upgrade, and 750 MHz crabbing cavity for the medium energy electron-ion collider in Jefferson Lab. In this paper we present the optimized rf design in terms of rf performance including rf properties, higher order mode properties, multipacting, multipole expansion for the above mentioned applications.