Author: Cao, J.
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MOPFI031 Progress on the Construction of the 100 MeV / 100 kW Electron Linac for the NSC KIPT Neutron Source 351
  • Y.L. Chi, J. Cao, P. Chen, B. Deng, C.D. Deng, D.Y. He, X. He, M. Hou, X.C. Kong, Q. Le, X.P. Li, J. Liu, R.L. Liu, W.B. Liu, H.Z. Ma, G. Pei, S. Pei, H. Song, L. Wang, S.H. Wang, X. Wang, Q. Yang, J. Yue, J.B. Zhao, J.X. Zhao, Z.S. Zhou
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  • M.I. Ayzatskiy, I.M. Karnaukhov, V.A. Kushnir, V.V. Mytrochenko, A.Y. Zelinsky
    NSC/KIPT, Kharkov, Ukraine
  • Y. Gohar
    ANL, Argonne, USA
  IHEP, China is constructing a 100 MeV / 100 kW electron linac for NSC KIPT, Ukraine. This linac will be used as the driver of a neutron source based on a subcritical assembly. In 2012, the injector part of the linac was pre-installed as a testing facility in the experimental hall #2 of IHEP. The injector beam and key hardware testing results were satisfying. Recently, the injector testing facility was disassembled and all of the components for the whole linac have been shipped to Ukraine from China by ocean shipping. The installation of the whole machine in KIPT will be started in June. The progress on the construction are reported, injector beam and key hardware testing results are presented.  
THPWO040 Progress of Injector-1 and Main Linac of Chinese ADS Proton Accelerator 3854
  • Y.L. Chi, J. Cao, J.P. Dai, H. Dong, L. Dong, T.M. Huang, X. Jing, S.P. Li, Z. Li, Z.Q. Li, Z.C. Liu, F. Long, Z. Ma, H.F. Ouyang, W.M. Pan, Q.L. Peng, P. Su, Y.F. Sui, J.Y. Tang, J.L. Wang, Q.B. Wang, Q. Ye, Z.S. Zhou
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  China ADS study program was Supported by the "Strategic Priority Research Program " of the Chinese Academy of Sciences at 2011, which aims to design and build an ADS demonstration facility with the capability of more than 1000 MW thermal power in about twenty years. The driver Linac is defined to be1.5 GeV in energy, 10mA in current and in CW operation mode. To meet the extremely high reliability and availability of ADS, the Linac is designed with much installed margin and fault tolerance. ADS accelerator is composed of two parallel 10MeV injectors and a main Linac. The superconducting acceleration structures are employed except the RFQs. This paper will present design of the China ADS accelerator and related key technology developments.