Author: Boscolo, M.
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TUPME007 Beam Lifetime in Low Emittance Rings 1574
  • M. Boscolo
    INFN/LNF, Frascati (Roma), Italy
  In this paper I will review the main effects in low emittance rings that determine the beam lifetime by causing beam losses along the ring. As an example, the case for a B-factory based on the crab-waist collision scheme has been studied. During the machine design all the effects that determine the beam lifetime and induce backgrounds in the detector have been analyzed in details. The crab-waist scheme provides an higher luminosity, but at the same time it induces higher beam losses at the final focus. For this reason single beam effects such as Touschek and beam-gas scattering have been studied in details, by means of a macroparticle tracking code developed for this purpose*. Also Radiative Bhabha scattering, that is the dominant effect to lifetime and backgrounds has been studied with the same technique to check possible multiturn losses at IR. An efficient collimation system has been designed to intercept scattered particles that would be lost in the IR in both the horizontal and the vertical plane. Recently, the Touschek tracking simulation code has been implemented to study the lifetime behavior for extremely low-emittance rings.
* M. Boscolo and P. Raimondi, “Monte Carlo simulation for the Touschek effect with the crab-waist scheme”, Phys. Rev. ST-AB 15 104201 (2012)