Author: Belochitskii, P.
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WEPEA062 Progress in ELENA Design 2651
  • S. Maury, W. Bartmann, P. Belochitskii, H. Breuker, F. Butin, C. Carli, T. Eriksson, R. Kersevan, S. Pasinelli, G. Tranquille, G. Vanbavinckhove
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • W. Oelert
    FZJ, Jülich, Germany
  The Extra Low Energy Antiproton ring (ELENA) is a small ring at CERN which will be built to increase substantially the number of usable (or trappable) antiprotons delivered to experiments for studies with antihydrogen. The report shows the progress in the ELENA design. The choice of optics and ring layout inside of AD hall is given. The main limitations for beam parameters at extraction like intra beam scattering and tune shift due to space charge are discussed. The electron cooler plays key role in ELENA both for efficient deceleration as well as for preparing extracted beam with parameters defined by experiments. The other important systems like beam vacuum, beam instrumentations and others are reviewed as well.