Author: Bajt, S.
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MOPME010 Transverse Beam Profile Diagnostics using Point Spread Function Dominated Imaging with Dedicated De-focusing 488
  • G. Kube, S. Bajt
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  • W. Lauth
    IKP, Mainz, Germany
  • Yu.A. Popov, A. Potylitsyn, L.G. Sukhikh
    TPU, Tomsk, Russia
  Transverse beam profile diagnostics in electron accelerators is usually based on direct imaging of a beam spot via optical radiation (transition or synchrotron radiation). In this case the fundamental resolution limit is determined by radiation diffraction in the optical system. A method to achieve resolutions beyond the diffraction limit is to perform point spread function (PSF) dominated imaging, i.e. the recorded image is dominated by the resolution function of a point source (single electron), and with knowledge of the PSF the true image (beam spot) may be reconstructed. To overcome the limited dynamical range of PSF dominated imaging, a dedicated de-focusing of the optical system can be introduced. In order to verify the applicability of this method, a proof-of-principle experiment has been performed at the Mainz Microtron MAMI (University of Mainz, Germany) using optical transition radiation. Status and results of this experiment will be presented.