Author: Bailey, C.P.
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MOPEA068 Novel Lattice Upgrade Studies for Diamond Light Source 240
  • R. Bartolini, C.P. Bailey, M.P. Cox, N.P. Hammond, J. Kay, R.P. Walker
    Diamond, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
  • R. Bartolini, T. Pulampong
    JAI, Oxford, United Kingdom
  Many synchrotron radiation facilities are studying lattice upgrades in order to lower the natural emittance and hence increase the radiation brightness. At Diamond we are pursuing a novel alternative, not targeting the minimum possible emittance but instead introducing additional insertion device (ID) straights and hence increasing the capacity of the facility, while still possibly achieving a more limited reduction in emittance. The new scheme involves converting some of the DBA lattice cells into a double-DBA or DDBA, with a new ID straight between the two achromats. This then allows existing or future bending magnet ports (which in Diamond are taken from near the entrance to the second dipole of the DBA lattice) to be served by a much more powerful insertion device. We present here the design concept and preliminary lattice design, and discuss the challenging magnet, vacuum and engineering issues.